Saturday, April 14, 2007

I miss Maine....

I went to Costco yesterday and ended up buying Dole strawberries (for which I was chastised for later - I had no idea Dole was a bad company!). In any case, I just had some for breakfast. They were good, but nothing like the ones we would get at Maxwells - sweet, juicy, and oh so delicious.

I'm feeling more than a little homesick for Maine. I'll get up there in a few weeks for my DCOM meeting (insert ominous music here), and then I'll be up again periodically for two graduations, a wedding...and then I'll at least be in New England for conference. But right now, boy do I miss it!

One of the toll-takers at one of the booths I pass through on my way to church on the GSP talks to me about Maine every single time I pass through. He mentions how he visited Mansfield Stadium in Bangor and talks about Steven King. While I can't say that I've spent considerable amount of time in Bangor (i.e., never), it's nice that (a) there's a toll worker on the GSP that actually talks to people and (b) it reminds me of Maine.

I would so love to go back to Maine to do ministry. I know that's up to the discretion of God and the Cabinet, but I can hope, right?


Songbird said...

I think God tends to want us where we would do our best work on God's behalf. That doesn't necessarily mean sending us to someplace we've never been before geographically. The movement that matters is on the inside.

KristaBeth said...

I miss Maine too! I have lived in 'exile' for the last seven years, but still long for my home state! Giffords Ice Cream, Cole Farms, and Sam's Italian Sandwich Shoppe are must stops during my visits.... But what I miss most are the people, the mountains, the trees, the rocky coast and the joy of living "the way life should be!"