Monday, January 29, 2007

Two Challenging Posts

I apologize for not keeping up with posting; Drew Telecom has not yet made internet service available in my bedroom, and so right now I’m sharing the connection with two other lovely people. I’m sorry to say that this whole moving experience has not been entirely a positive one. Rather than meaninglessly rip on Drew’s sub-par administrative network, my hope is to express my concerns in a constructive light by means of a letter (sent to Facilities, Residence Life, Housing, the Deans of the Theological School, and the Provost). I’m not the only one who has had a…difficult experience with the first three departments (or more to the point, the first two).

Anyway, the last half of that above paragraph is not the intention of my post. Because the past couple days have eluded me in terms of subjects to write blog posts about, I submit for your consideration two blog posts by others that have sparked me to think.

The first is actually a series of two posts from D. S. Mike, who is a D.S. up in New England. He gives us a challenge: why are you a Christian in 100 words or less (using no religious jargon!)

The second is from Steeple Soapbox, who is none other than my adorable and loving fiancé. He wrote a post called "Why Doesn't the Church Ever Change?"

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