Friday, July 07, 2006

RGBP Friday Five: Short things!

Short People: I hope my mother doesn't get offended here...but she's really not that short. She's the shortest in my immediate family (but then again, I'm next in line...and I'm 5' 6".) I remember thinking that it was such a big deal when I finally passed her in height, but when my siblings all did the same thing, I understood to some degree what she must have been feeling. :-P But I love my mom. She may be short in height, and I may be taller than her, but I will always look up to her.

Short Hops: What my tennis balls do before they hit the net. :-P Seriously, I just realized how short a walk it is to McCool's, one of the best ice cream places in Madison. I've already been there twice this summer, and already it's starting to become a temptation....they have the best blend-in frozen yogurt.

Short Stories: I'm not sure. I've never been much of a short story reader, but I know that my sister writes some really beautiful ones. There was a (short!) time in my life when I enjoyed writing short stories: mostly fanfics based off of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series. I even tried my hand at some other creative stories. From time to time, I've regretted giving up writing like that. I really enjoyed it, even if I wasn't very good.

Short Lists: The food in my refridgerator. It has bread, milk, cheese, meat, celery, and radishes. And eggs. Oh, and some caviar (from Christmas - thank goodness caviar doesn't go bad!)

Short Stops: I was going to make some baseball reference, but I won't do so. Short stops at the local used bookstores quickly turn into long ones if I'm not careful!


Sally said...

me too i love used book stores- do you bring away more than you take in??? I always do

Melissa said...

I haven't quite yet gotten to the point where I can part with my books, but I think I might have to for the sake of storage!

Anonymous said...

Wheel of Time kicks ass! I reread the whole thing last summer but havne't gotten to Knife of Dreams yet. That's the best cheesy fantasy series of them all!

I've always found that Jordan isn't so much writing about a world-wide fight between good and evil as he is fighting the war of the sexes. Thoughts?

Melissa said...


Yeah, I'm currently rereading the series, because I stopped about midway through Path of Daggers. This time, I hope to get through Knife of Dreams. I didn't pick up on the battle of the sexes the first time (I was in early high school), but that's the first thing that jumped out to me once I picked it back up again!