Thursday, August 29, 2013

Moved In

Ben and I have been homeowners for a little over a week. We've been living here since Saturday, which was the big move day. I am so thankful for all the friends and family who came and helped us move! As we've unpacked, we've discovered a lot more things to give away (sorry for not discovering them sooner so you all didn't have to move them for us). We've gotten rid of two couches, one to someone who picked it up off the street (yay!), one to the dumpster this morning (sad.) The house is slowly coming together with a few rooms complete and functional. We're creating islands of sanity in the midst of the chaos. It's been fun deciding how to arrange furniture, redecorating the space, setting new patterns of keeping things clean and uncluttered (let's see how long that one lasts).

Let's get one thing clear though: we are never, ever, ever moving again. Ever.

Pictures to come soon (hopefully!)

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