Sunday, September 09, 2007

Life is Good :-)

Hello everyone!

So it's been awhile - getting married and honeymooning and getting settled in and starting classes have left me fairly busy. Very very happy, but also busy. Right now, I'm averaging about a blog post per month! I'm hoping to nudge that average up very shortly.

To sum it up in short: married life is wonderful. These past three weeks have been a blessing, and while I know that we will not always be this blissfully happy, I expect that life together will be quite good.

The ceremony itself was perfect. Ben's parents officiated, and Thom, the pastor at the church where we got married, gave a very thoughtful, meaningful, and touching sermon that really involved the whole community in our marriage. Serving communion really brought that piece home as well. We had two stations - Ben and I served with friends from Drew, and it was a very sacred moment to see all these people from different points in our lives come forward to receive. That's when I felt truly married - exchanging the vows and the rings was special, of course, but it's communion that I will always remember.

The reception was great fun as well. Everyone had a good time, and knew how to party. The DJ remarked to me at the end of the night that he had never seen a crowd of people have such a good time together. We actually got to dance a little bit - kick off my shoes and have a good time - which was a welcome break from holding court (which was also fun, but in a different way). By the end of the evening, I was dead tired - as was Ben - and in those pictures we sure look it!

The official pictures haven't come yet, but I leave you with some photos that different friends took during the ceremony...


  1. cpclergymama said...
    Beautiful doesn't even come close! Blessings on your marriage, may you always be this blissfully happy!
    Tripp Hudgins said...
    Peace and all good things to you in your marriage! Lovely. Just lovely.
    Deb said...
    CONGRATS!!! Here are to many, many more moments of love shared and promises carried together...

    DogBlogger said...

    Wonderful stuff. Blessings to you both!
    earthchick said...
    Congrats and good wishes for a lifetime of happiness!
    Erica Tobey said...
    Hey, I took that disgusting picture! HAHA, just kidding, your wedding was beautifully beautiful.

    I have a blog now, I don't really get it, but I have one. You should check it out/help me make it cool.

    Later gator

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