Friday, May 25, 2007

RevGalBlogPal Friday Five: Hard Habit to Break

1. Have you ever successfully quit a bad habit, or gotten a good habit established? Tell us about how you did it.

I used to be a nail-biter. Not a terribly bad one...but I stopped by using nail polish. Now I hardly use nail polish or bite my nails.

2. "If only there were a 12-step program for _________________!"

Procrastinators. I've gotten better...I swear...

3. Share one of your healthy "obsessions" with us.

Eating healthily and exercise has become one of the latest "obsessions" in my life.

This one isn't really "healthy" but it's "harmless". This is going to sound really silly, but...pens. I love pens. Any office supplies really, but pens in particular. I could spend hours in Staples or Office Max just looking at pens. I haven't bought any in a really long time since I have plenty already, but I just love them. Gel rollers, fountain, and fun colors are my favorites.

4. Share the habit of a spouse, friend or loved one that drives you C-R-A-Z-Y.

Well, I cured Ben of some of his bad habits back in college (I love you, dear). At the moment, nothing immediately jumps to mind...except for the standard toilet seat thing.

5. "I'd love to get into the habit of ___________________."

Getting back into my daily prayer and writing habit.

Bonus: What is one small action you might take immediately to make #5 a reality?

Since my summer schedule is going to be fairly consistent, I could wake up at the same time every day to start implementing these habits.

Bonus 2: Try it, and let us know how it goes in a future post!

Will do!


Sally said...

I hear you, from a fellow procrastinator....

well done on the nail biting- I'll have to try that! :-)

Diane said...

I'm going to work on my procrastination... tomorrow

Iris said...

Hello, fellow procrastinator!

mamaS said...

I love pens too! I am very pick about how my pens write, and I don't like those cheapy ones.
Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Gannet Girl said...

I just want to tell you that that is a gorgeous photograph at the top of your blog. Did you take it?

Melissa said...

Yes, I took the photo a couple years ago on Easter morning. I'm glad you like it! :-)

mompriest said...

Indeed. The photo is beautiful.

anyway, good play. I get the pen thing, or rather the whole office supply thing...thanks for sharing!