Thursday, May 24, 2007


The semester is over, and I have been out of New Jersey since Tuesday, and I can honestly say that I don't miss it one bit. It's so wonderful to be home amongst family and friends, and staying in one spot for more than a week is very appealing at this point. There's still a lot to do - one wedding, two graduations, and annual conference (and a couple presentations to put together) - all in the space of three weeks, but on the whole it will be enjoyable and non-stressful work. I hope. :-)

It's truly amazing how fast this semester, and the whole year, has gone by. It has been challenging in more ways than one, but I believe I'm a better person for it. I managed to survive four classes, church work, and everything else this past semester...and I lived. I've learned a lot this semester - about myself, about what God might be calling me to, about things I've learned in class - that it'll probably take me awhile to take it all in. I'm good at absorption, but this semester has left my brain feeling like an over-soaked sponge in a huge puddle of water!

One of the things that excites me the most about this summer (aside from my wedding), is the chance to catch up on some reading. I have a whole list of books that I want to be sure and read: books by Brian McLaren, Len Sweet, and many others. I'm also taking suggestions, so comment if you want to recommend a book!


KristaBeth said...

I've been reading your blog and enjoying it for the past few months! I would love to meet you at Annual Conference. E-mail me at if you would like to try to set up a time / place to say hi in real life!

KristaBeth said...

Also, check out my "Book's I've Read" link on my blog to see what I've been reading lately. I just read Velvet Elvis and it was great.