Sunday, November 12, 2006

No sinus infection!

I just* got back from the health center; apparently I don't have a sinus infection! It's just...a cold. I'm supposed to drink lots of fluids, salt water gargle, take some ibuprofen for headaches if I get them, and sit tight. She discouraged me from taking too much decongestant (only when I need it), because it inhibits the drainage process or something like that. So I need to take it (relatively) easy and it should be completely gone in a couple of days.

I called my pastor yesterday, who was wonderfully sympathetic. I didn't come into church, and cancelled youth group. I seriously debated going ahead with youth group, but I don't want to infect people, and I should learn sometime to take care of myself better.

Everything is just about together in my new place. Went out for a quick Target trip to get some drugs (I had to get more today) and a card table so I have something I can eat on. Because of course, people who live in a commuter room (which this technically is) don't need to eat on anything. Bought some Draino today too because my sink is strongly clogged, and I've now got it down to a smaller clog. Enough so that I can actually wash dishes.

Nothing profound at the moment.

*by just, I mean a few hours ago.

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revabi said...

So glad you didn't have a sinus infection. Glad its a cold you can get through. Sounds like the new place is shaping up well.