Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Cookie Calorie Counting

Conversation had at community lunch by the cookies:

Me: Mmm...cookies...
Chapel Director to Me: If you eat the ones with the cranberries in them, they're zero calories because it's fruit.
Me to Chapel Director: And because they're broken, and all the calories have fallen out.
Professor with a grin on her face: If you tell a lie, and then succeed to get someone else to participate in the lie, then...it ceases to become a lie.
Chapel Director: Yeah, then it becomes tradition!


Kristen said...

HAHA... let me know if there;s a good time this wek for us to have lunch or dinner together!

Kristen (M) said...

It confused me when I saw that I (or rather someone with the same name) posted a response to this already lol.

revabi said...

I've heard this one before, and even told it myself.