Friday, June 30, 2006

RevGalBlogPals Friday Five

1) Do you celebrate 4th of July (or some other holiday representing independence?)

Not really. At least, not this year. Usually, my family has a cookcout of sorts and we go into town to watch the fireworks over the bay.

2) When was the first time you felt independent, if ever?

Hrm. I'd have to say when I went off to college. That was my first time really away from home.

3) If you're hosting a cookout, what's on the grill?

Red hot dogs, of course! They must be a Maine thing, because no where else have I ever found them. Everyone from "away" has never heard about them. But - they're the best!

4) Strawberry Shortcake -- biscuit or sponge cake? Discuss.

Biscuit, hands down. There's no other way to do Strawberry Shortcake. The best is if you make them with the Bisquick mix...and you can smell them cooking....mmm...

5) Fireworks -- best and worst experience.

OK. Best experience: watching fireworks from a sailboat on Martha's Vineyard with a bunch of college friends. Worst: well, this doesn't really qualify, but I ended up having a little accident with some sparklers after watching the fireworks at my youth pastor's house. A spark jumped and lit about 100 of them on fire. After that incident, I was affectionately called "sparky." Although this happened quite a few years ago, I think there still might be a char mark on the sidewalk outside her house...


Songbird said...

Melissa, one of my fireworks experiences that was both a "best" and a "worst" took place just offshore from Fort Williams on Cape Eliz. Family Day (or something like that). I was on a Sunday School Teacher Appreciation cruise of Casco Bay, and when the captain saw the fireworks beginning, he stopped the boat. It was great at first, but soon the seasickness happened...
Welcome to the Ring! And thanks for playing!!

Melissa said...

Hi songbird!

Thanks for the welcome -- no fun about the seasickness though! Are you from Maine?