Monday, June 12, 2006

Annual Conference

There isn't much to say about it at this point, as I am at the brink of exhaustion, but I will say that I have several thoughts about what went on this year, and I will be posting about them shortly. Things that I will hopefully include:

1. Congregational Growth is Key
2. We won't be able to fight about homosexuality in the church (and other such pressing issues) in the coming years if there isn't a church around.
3. A vow to purge myself of the remaining cynisim I have buried inside of me somewhere about the New England Conference
4. The horrendous worship (particularly the ordination service)
5. The adventure of navigating Logan Airport
6. The disappointing Drew presence
7. Why not to write a sermon during Conference.
8. I'm sure I'll think of something else...

I hope to do this in a couple of installments (as several of these overlap to a certain extent). Conference really was a mixed bag this year, and felt off kilter from many Annual Conferences I've attended (including the bad ones). For now, I am running on fumes.

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