Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Photo Journaling

It has been a few weeks since I've posted here; lots of stuff has been happening - a ramp up in fundraising for the trip to Guatemala, a trip to DC (to be blogged about later), snowstorms, and Lent has begun. This year, Ben and I (along with Natalie, our current housemate) are posting everything we eat on Intstagram with the hashtag #40daylentchallenge. Social humiliation diet (although I do appreciate what my friend on Facebook said about it being an alternate form of table grace. There's a post in there somewhere).

I'm also doing the Rethink Church Photo-A-Day project (again on Instagram with hashtag #rethinkchurch). Fun times. I enjoy taking pictures - and it's a lot easier since my parents got me an Eye-Fi card for Christmas (yay mom and dad!) It essentially uploads pictures to the internet straight from my camera.

One day, I hope to do more with my photography - especially when it comes to editing pictures and enhancing colors and the like. I feel like I have a decent eye to begin with; I try to get shots that convey a meaning and a message and are fun to look at -- and that tell a story. I am looking forward to going to Guatemala with my camera for just that reason - the opportunity to tell a story with what I capture.

More to come: a debrief from the Global Board of Church and Society Young Clergy Leadership Forum, my fun new hobby (yes, I will survive the zombie apocalypse), and some thoughts about liberation theology. Stay tuned!

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