Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Still alive....

I am alive. That seems to be a theme in my most recent postings (oh, wait...what recent postings?) I've decided I need to get back into this discipline because, well, I miss it and it helps keep me focused and reflective. I've been far too reactionary lately because I've been sick, tired, and far too busy to even breathe...which is probably why I'm sick and on my 2nd cold in a month. Smart.

The Vine is good, Good Shepherd is good, living in community is good, the husband is good, I am...in a funk. To which, my husband responds, in the vein of "when life gives you lemons...": when you're in a funk, get funky.


Lisa Scala said...

Melissa remember your only human and you do have people that can help and of course the obvious give it up to God. This one I tend to forget often. Your doing great so far! Love Lisa

Pam Hiscock Braman said...

Hi Melissa -
Saw your comment on the AHA twitter about "why do people assume Sr Pastors are always guys?" I feel your pain... I'm a woman Sr. Pastor! I see you are at seminary (Gordon?). Anyway... there are some places where we are welcome. After a long journey I ended up with the Free Methodist Denom, and it's a been a great fit. God's got a place for you!
Pam Braman