Sunday, May 20, 2007

Coming up for air

It probably wasn't the wisest plan to decide to do DCOM, move, and preach all within the same week. I've driven an estimated 1,000+ miles since last Sunday alone, and will clock another 400 this week (maybe 500 if next Sunday is included). I am tired.

Moving is a very stressful thing, even if you have a team of wonderful, patient people to help. I probably would have been *much* less stressed if I didn't have to preach, but I was the genius who decided that I could handle it. (I did, by the way...and it went well, so no worries there). I now have a much deeper sympathy for the Israelites who were in transit for 40 years, while we got all my stuff moved in to my summer place and Ben's stuff moved in to the apartment with only two car trips (with many cars). Much shopping and assembling happened yesterday (Ikea TV stand and Ikea table and chairs!), and the place is starting to look a little more lived-in. After Ben went back up to New England today, I stayed, unpacking our gobs of books. I can say with confidence that we are going to need another bookshelf. A big one.

I know there's something deep and theological in all this moving, but I'm to tired to drag it out of my brain so I'm not going to try. Instead, I am going to get some sleep, and dream for a very long time.

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