Monday, March 12, 2007

I am dumb

I'm too dependent upon technology. You know how I know this?

I'm going to be without my computer for a few days while I send it to Dell to get the screen fixed (I dropped it and the LCD panel broke, rendering most of the screen unreadable. Fun.), and I'm already in withdrawal.

I managed to copy over my necessary files to a key my mom had on hand...but it's not the same. I will be without my computer - the computer that is tailored to my tastes and personalized to my needs. It has all of my favorite websites bookmarked, all of the blogs I read stored with the RSS feeds...even my favorite games installed that I was planning to play during my restful and relaxing break. So much for that! I don't even know how my sister can type on this keyboard for any extended length of time because of where it has to be positioned on the desk (the monitor is a monster), thus pressing the corner of the desk right onto my wrist joint. My wrists already hurt...granted, to have one's hands resting on the desk while typing is not proper posture, but nevertheless... Maybe I can co-opt Dad's computer when he's not using it, or borrow the unused laptop to work on.

And as I'm typing these things (and thanks to March 20th's readings for Oppression 101 on classism), I'm realizing how incredibly privileged I am to be even making these statements. *sigh* Why does seminary teach us to have a conscience?

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