Saturday, January 20, 2007

How sad is it....

...that I am half-way through hand-writing one thank you note and my hand is already cramping up? My hand-writing also isn't as good as it used to be, though my penmanship was never anything to marvel at. I always envied my mother's handwriting. She said it was the product of grueling (ok, I'm stretching that a bit) classes back in elementary school. I want to say that they took it up until high school, but maybe I'm remembering that incorrectly. Then again, penmanship classes never really worked for my father (no offense, Dad), although I am somewhat enamored of his very distinguishable (if illegible) style of writing.

I think this is what disgusts me about my hand-writing. It's not very stylish, kind of ugly, and very inconsistent with itself. Some "l"'s are cursive, others are print. "S"'s in the beginning of a word are a hybrid of print and cursive (though some lean more to one end of the spectrum than the other), and "s"'s in the middle/end of words are more cursive. And this is only the beginning.

I know that hand-written samples, when analyzed properly, can tell a lot about a person. I wonder what it would say about me?

In any case, perhaps the ucky (there's no other word for it), penmanship and the alarming hand-cramping after six written sentences just means that I should practice a bit more. After all, there is a sort of art inherent in hand-writing and I don't want to lose it (if...I ever had it in the first place!).

EDIT: It doesn't help things any that I've had two cups of coffee this morning, and my hands are shaking from the extra caffeine...whee!!!!

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KateGladstone said...

Don't take handwriting analysis too seriously — I know quite a few professional handwriting analysts, and they get things wrong at least as often as they get them right: they just don't like to admit that!
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