Friday, November 17, 2006

I'm off... Exploration 2006! This trip totally snuck up on me (as did Thanksgiving break), and it's hard for me to realize the next time I'm really back at Drew, there will be only two more weeks left of class. Two more weeks and oh-so much to do...

But anyhow, yesterday I was thankful for class being cancelled (the benefit of AAR!), and for getting my free turkey at Shoprite! w00t!

Today, I will do the repeat and be thankful for caffeine.

In other news, I plan on reading Peter Rollins' book on the plane. From what I heard from him, he's right on target with a lot of things that I value, like the theology of being able to stay in the same room together, or the idea that one becomes a Christian continually, and that notion of becoming Christian means becoming into our own more truthful existence. Like Wesley's notion of "going on to perfection" (though I can't take the credit for making that leap; a friend pointed out that connection in the course of conversation). I now have a signed copy of his book, and floating around between four of us is a copy of the ikon music CD. Rollins played a selection from it in the context of chapel service, and it was quite powerful, and I'm very interested in listening to the rest of it.


Kristen said...

Hey when to four of you are done with the CD can I get in on listening to it as well. I'd be interested to here what's on there.

will smama said...

Have fun!