Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Poem to share - the Trinity

This poem is at the beginning of a chapter in She Who Is by Elizabeth Johnson on the triune nature of God. It captured my attention, so I thought I would share it all with you. It's by Brian Wren.

Who is She, neither male nor female, maker of all things,
only glimpsed or hinted, source of life and gender?
She is God,
mother, sister, lover: in her love we wake, move, grow,
are daunted, triumph and surrender.

Who is She, mothering her people, teaching them to walk,
lifting weary toddlers, bending down to feed them?
She is Love,
crying in a stable, teaching from a boat,
friendly with the lepers, bound for crucifixion.

Who is She, sparkle in the rapids, coolness of the well,
living power of Jesus flowing from the Scriptures?
She is Life,
water, wind and laughter, calm, yet never still,
swiftly moving Spirit, singing in the changes.
Brian Wren

Typing it out makes me love it all the more!


Callas4Ever said...
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Callas4Ever said...

What a beautiful poem. Thank you for posting it. I just forwarded it to my pastor, as I think she will be as taken by it as I was.

Melissa said...

You're welcome! I'm glad you like it. :-)