Monday, October 16, 2006

I'm here!

I've had a lot of thoughts lately that merit blogging about (for both here and the livejournal), but I haven't had sufficient space (time and otherwise) to actually spill out anything from my brain, through my fingers, and onto the computer screen. Therefore, I'll just give the highlights (and perhaps some previous for upcoming posts):

  • Being home for part of fall break and Why I Love New England
  • Northeast Jurisdiction's Great Leadership Event Conference in Valley Forge, PA on Friday and Saturday (and why conference worship in the UMC is generally sub-par, and why the church still doesn't quite get it when it comes to young adults)
  • Musing about altar flowers
  • ...and other things that I am thinking about but don't quite know how to articulate.
So: suffice it to say that I am alive and well, though oh-so busy, and I will hopefully have a post or two by the end of the week.

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